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Since 1991

Since 1991

Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer

We are a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer and follow all Federal, State and local laws.
We pawn, sell and buy all legal firearms except Class 03. Background checks are done on all sales and pawns.
We sell new and pre-owned firearms. We can order select firearms.
We also have a large selection of new and pre-owned knives.

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FFL & FFL Transfers & Permits

We do FFL to FFL transfers for online purchases for a $20 fee.

For firearms instruction and permit classes we recommend Petersen Firearms Instruction.

Handgun Sales

Handgun Sales to Iowa Residents only. Must be 21, have a current state issued picture ID,or DL, and pass a NICS background check.. We do NOT transfer a firearm until we receive the OK to proceed.
A valid Permit to Purchase or Permit to Carry still allows immediate transfer.

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1508 Terrace Park Blvd
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M-S: 11am - 5pm
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