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Your local Pawn shop

Prompt & Professional service

Fast cash

for your items.

Loans can take a while to go through, and sometimes, you don’t have the time to wait around. Our pawn shop offers you instant cash for items like old pocket knives and costume jewelry. Let us exceed your expectations today!

What You can



Gold and jewelry


Guns and tools


TVs and DVDs


Stereos and video games


Gadgets and Such

We pawn, buy, sell, trade. Flat screen TVs, sound equipment, guitars, laptops, tablets, video game systems, video games, DVDs, quality name brand tools All electronics are tested.


We are a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, you can pawn your firearms, and must be able to pass the NICS background check to redeem. We can order most new firearms. We do FFL to FFL transfers, fee is $20.


Jewelry & Gold

Bling bling

We pawn and/or buy gold & silver of all kinds, also vintage costume jewelry. Remember, broken or damaged gold is still worth money. We always have a great selection of quality pre-owned jewelry for sale. Also some new items.

Cash Money

Pawning has been around for centuries, you bring in an item of value and we can offer you a cash loan in a matter of minutes. We hold the item and you can redeem it within the pawn period. Or we can buy outright also. To pawn you must be at least 18 yrs old,have photo ID, and be the owner.

Money to loan